Administrators Issue Dress Code Reminders

Dress code is the same for 2016-2017 school year. Administrators want to remind you to make sure you are following the dress code or there will be consequences.

“First, we are gonna talk to them and let them know why they got the violation and show them in policy where it states that,” Assistant Principal Gusti Ratliff told Talon. “We’re giving them the option of finding a friend to lend them something or maybe they brought something so we’ll let them change. If that doesn’t work, we have clothes here that they can borrow.”

“They have the option of calling parents and having parents bring something up if they’d like,” Ratliff said. “If that doesn’t work, unfortunately, the last resort is for them to stay up here and sit in the office all day but we really try to work with students.”

Administrators will be out-and-about cracking down on dress code violations.

“We always try to enforce dress code. I know that students get the opinion that we are selective, but it’s really not,” Ratliff commented.

Administrators know that students may not like the dress code that is in place but administrators want students to know that they is nothing they can do about it.

“As far as regulations and guidelines, they are a collection of opinions of our community, board members, stake holders and parents. With that in mind, they serve as, their intention, is to make the school a place to get a good education and not be distracted,” Ratliff said. “With that being said, Keller is a great school district as you know. Everybody wants to be here and one of the reasons is because our students look the part of educated students and are the part and fit the part.”

Watch the full video interview about Dress Code above.

Click here for the full Keller ISD Dress Code.

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Ashley Nagel is attending Texas A&M University in Fall 2017 to study psychology and journalism. She would like to thank Greg Janda and the amazing Talon staff for her experiences from the last two years.