Vending Machines, Where You At?


Since the first day of school, students have been wondering why the vending machines have disappeared. Previously located at the intersection of the cafeteria and the athletic halls, the mysterious disappearance of these machines have left students asking for answers.

“They had some really good snacks and I hope they bring them back,” TCHS student Bill Smith told Talon reporters. “The vending machines always had such good snacks before band practice but now I don’t know what I am going to do.”

Other students hadn’t even noticed the disappearance.

“I hadn’t even noticed until one of my closest friends recently told me about the vending machines being removed,” student Madelyn Abbott said. “For people who stay after and need a quick snack this will be a really weird change.”

There’s no need to fret, Assistant Principal Shawn Elliott is working on getting new machines for the school. The school is getting proposals from different vendors at this time and will soon make a decision.