Introducing the Timber Creek Sports Network

We’re pleased to introduce the Timber Creek Sports Network, providing full coverage of Timber Creek High School sports in a variety of formats.

Here’s how our sport coverage for the 2016-17 school year is getting bigger and better than ever.

Expanded Live Video Coverage

Timber Creek Sports Network (TCSN) teams plan to stream over 24 live sporting events with girls and guys varsity matchups in sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, baseball, softball, and more.

Coming off a successful first season of streaming live Timber Creek sports, Timber Creek Student Media teams plan to expand coverage to include multiple new sports, starting with varsity volleyball in September 2016.

Four games are planned for the volleyball season, with dates and times to be announced later. The early expansion will allow TCHS volleyball fans to watch home district matchups either in the TCHS gym or via the live coverage online.

The expansion of live coverage does come with a cost — literally.

In the 2016-17 season, viewers will need to purchase a plan through the NFHS Network to watch streams live. Pricing details are available at this link: NFHS Network Streaming Plans.

A portion of the proceeds for NFHS Network plans goes to fund Timber Creek Student Media.

Timber Creek Live broadcasts will be scheduled to contain 4 games per sport, all within the same calendar month when possible. This should allow viewers to purchase the $9.99 Month-long NFHS Network streaming plan and view 4 games within the period.

In addition, games for covered sports will be available to watch for FREE 72 hours after the end of the event.

All games will include live video and audio, with graphics, animation, and interviews with many games featuring student commentary. EVERY Timber Creek Live event is produced and staffed by TCHS students in Broadcast Journalism, Radio Broadcasting, Newspaper or other student media classes.

Sports Interviews and Highlights

Our Broadcast Journalism teams will be including TCSN interviews and highlights from covered games during the daily TCTV video announcements.

Even sports without live coverage will be represented on the announcements and on the Timber Creek Talon’s sports section. Additionally, these clips will be shared on our social media accounts throughout the year.

Plus, TCSN will produce two video sports specials during the year, highlighting various TCHS sporting events, athletes, and coaches.

Digital Programs for Fall/Spring Sports

The Timber Creek Sports Network and the Timber Creek Athletic Booster Club are partnering for increased coverage of TCHS sports.

Timber Creek Student Media will be helping the booster club create and distribute innovative and dynamic content covering all TCHS athletics.

Student sports reporters and editors will create and distribute digital sports programs for Fall and Spring athletics in partnership with the Athletic Booster Club. These programs will contain team rosters, photos, information, student sports reports, and advertisements from local businesses.

Read more about the partnership here.

And there’s more…

But we can’t tell you just yet. Stay tuned.