Timber Creek Radio Station TCFM Launches Oct. 1


Timber Creek High School Radio Broadcasting students are building a new radio station — and it’ll play your music.

N 210 TCFM, the name of the new station, will begin broadcasting on Oct. 1, 2016 with a range of programming and music selected and produced by TCHS students.

The 24/7 automated internet streaming music station will broadcast popular music selections throughout the day, with blocks of programming devoted to themes or styles of music. The current schedule plans to have a wide-range of musical genres represented in the blocks throughout the day. These sections are selected by radio students who will be learning about what it really means to run a station.

“It’s a great method to have students learning about what real-life radio disc jockeys, program directors, and producers have to deal with,” Broadcasting teacher Greg Janda said. “It’s a lot more than just making a playlist, there are rules and regulations we have to follow to make sure we’re in agreement with our broadcast partner.”

The station will be served on the Radionomy platform, which will allow students, teachers, and the community to listen for free via the internet. Additionally, the Talon will host a radio page that allows users to listen via our website and see upcoming schedules and events.

Of course, TCFM has something no other radio station will have: unique, locally-produced music, sports and talk shows from Timber Creek students.

“We’re so excited to hear all the amazing music created by our TCHS students,” Janda said. “We’ve already planned recording sessions with band and choir, and we’re going to open up submissions so any TCHS student can enter their music to be played on the station. It’s a really great way for us to support creativity and creation here on campus.”

Submissions will open Sept. 2, 2016 for students to enter their own compositions, recordings, beats, mixtapes, raps, songs, etc. More details to follow on this process.

On the current schedule, these TCHS-produced tracks and programs will play from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. every day — just at the right time to listen during lunches. Additional details and a final schedule will be released soon.

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