Junior Parking Passes Are Now Available


For this upcoming 2016-17 school year, Juniors who drive to school need to get their parking passes.

It is very simple, pick up a form at Ms. Judd’s office, located in the font office. Or, if online forms are more convenient, the link for purchase is: https://intouch.kellerisd.net/signin.aspx

For online orders, the first step is typing in the username and password. Click on the tab that says “Items At My Student’s School”, click on the link that reads “Parking Fees” and then the student can purchase the proper parking pass from that page.

There is no deadline when it comes to parking passes. It will cost $50 for a full year. If a student only applies for the spring semester or fall semester, the cost will be cut down to $25.

There are specific places to park for the Juniors. Juniors are to avoid the faculty parking and Senior parking. Senior parking is easy to see from the painted parking spots. If a student decides to park in the band lot, the student needs to leave the lot by 3:30 p.m. Every other parking lot is fair game.

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