Everything You Need to Know About the First Day of School 2016


Schedules? Lunches? We’re collecting everything we know to help you have an awesome first day of 2016-17.

Bell Schedule

The start time for Keller ISD high schools in the 2016-17 school year will be 8:30 a.m.

The end of each school day has changed for 2016-17 and will now be 3:45 p.m.

Schools will be following the A/B Block bell schedule introduced in the 2015-16 school year, with some minor adjustments.

Like 2015-16, 1st and 5th periods will be 50 minutes each. For 2016-17 periods 2A and B will be 96 minutes long to include time for announcements. Other blocked periods (3A/B, 4A/B) will be 90 minutes long.

The passing period has increased to 6 minutes between classes.

The lunch schedule continues to follow a block of 30 minutes divided up into 4 sections during 3A/B. Details on timing are listed below.


2016-17 ab block schedule

How to find your lunch

All lunches are during 3rd period, in four 30-minute blocks. Teachers and students will eat lunch during the assigned block based on the schedule block. Note: This schedule might change… UPDATED SCHEDULE AS OF AUG. 23

lunch schedule aug 23 update

If your class is not listed, please be patient. More details will be provided on the first day of school.

Getting your schedule

Preliminary schedules were released to Home Access Center on August 15, 2016. Students and parents should be able to log in to the system to see their schedules — but those might not be the final schedules.

Click here to get to Home Access Center.

“Counselors will still be working on balancing and finalizing schedules through the first day of school,” counseling told Talon last week.

If students don’t have access to HAC, they will be able to get their schedules on the first day of school.

Teachers will have all the paper schedules for their first period classes. Lists will be posted on the wall in the Main Hall with every student and their first period room number.  Please check the wall to verify where you are to report for first period.

Teachers will distribute student schedules during first period.

Students without a schedule may be asked to check the wall in Main Hall to make sure they went to the correct 1st period class, or if they have a sheet of paper stating they are missing something, those students will go to the cafeteria.

About those first day schedules…
Students must follow the current colored schedule they were given in their first period. Students will NOT be admitted into any class without showing the colored copy of your schedule.

Everyone must have 8 periods on their schedule.  Please look at your schedules and verify that you have all 8 periods listed. Please verify that you have the necessary core classes on your schedule that you are supposed to… English, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

Now it’s totally possible you see that schedule and can’t figure out which are A or B Day classes. Take a look below for some help:

student schedule how to

Your lunch will be determined by your 3rd period teacher.  You go to the lunch your 3rd period class is assigned.  Your lunch will most likely be different on A days and B days.

How to fix schedule issues

Counselors will be available during all lunches in the cafeteria on the 1st and 2nd days of school to visit with students about schedule issues.

Students can also fill out an online request to see their counselor on the TCHS Counselors Corner if they are missing a period, missing a core subject area, or have a duplicate credit.  They can access this website from home, their smart phone during lunch, or a school computer before or after school.  The counselor will call students down or send them a new schedule as these issues are resolved.  Schedules changes will NOT be made for elective courses that the student selected last spring.

All students with a full colored schedule must remain in their class and follow their current schedule.

This page will continued to be updated with more information as school gets closer.


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