Everything You Need to Know About Class of 2017 Senior Pictures

senior pictures and yearbooks

Class of 2017, are you ready to take your Senior Portraits? Here’s the information you need to know.

First, sitting for the photos is FREE. As in, you pay nothing to have your formal portrait, cap and gown, and/or casual photos taken. You only have to pay for prints of these photos if you choose.

Second, the official Senior photographer for Timber Creek High School is Glamourcraft. This is the same company that does the regular class photos for students to appear in the Yearbook. If you don’t get your Senior photo taken by Glamourcraft, you don’t appear in the Yearbook.

Glamourcraft already has times set up at Timber Creek to make it easy for you to take your Senior photos. From June 13-16, 2016, they will be available to take photos by appointment. Glamourcraft should already have sent a postcard with an appointment time for Class of 2017 Seniors to take their photos. If you want to change that time, call them at 817-292-8989.

We need to reiterate this: Glamourcraft is the only company that can take your Senior pictures to guarantee them being in the 2016-17 The Creek Yearbook. It doesn’t cost anything to have the senior photos taken and placed in the Yearbook.

If you do choose to take other senior pictures, they can be used in the Yearbook’s Senior Tributes/Senior Ads.

Those senior ads come in three sizes and do cost money. Ads are designed by Yearbook staff and published.

  1. A quarter-page senior ad for the yearbook costs $85 and can include 1 vertical photo (3×5) and 2 additional photos.
  2. A half-page senior ad is $160 and can include 1 horizontal photo (5×7) and up to 4 additional photos.
  3. A full-page senior ad is $300 and can include 1 vertical photo (8×10) and up to 8 additional photos.

Students who buy a half-page or full-page ad can include a video that will play in the yearbook. More details and specifics for video will be made available after the start of the school year.

To buy an ad, go to www.yearbookforever.com and submit all content by Oct. 14, 2016. Make sure you have all the photos and text you need before submitting online — everything has to be submitted at once.

Here’s some reminders and tips about what should or shouldn’t be included in your Senior Ads:

Be sure your photos are:

  • Bright
  • High Resolution
  • All swimsuit areas are covered
  • Showcase your senior

Be sure your photos are NOT:

  • Photos of photos
  • From a dirty scanner
  • Collaged
  • Watermarked
  • Inappropriate

In your text:

  • Tell them how proud you are
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • No quotes less than 100 years old

Don’t forget to buy a yearbook via www.yearbooksforever.com, available for $65 until Oct. 28, 2016.