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This is the first year we have Talons graduating.

When we started the Talon during the 2014-15 school year, we started with 16 juniors, sophomores and freshmen on staff. We increased to around 25 this year and will grow again in 2016-17. However, a core portion of those initial 16 will be walking across the stage on May 28, 2016 as graduates. We will miss them terribly. Here’s why.

Editor-in-Chief – Brelee McClelland
Brelee led the Talon even before we officially had an Editor-in-Chief. Her strong writing skills took her to regional UIL competitions two years in a row, her keen editorial intellect helped our team make smart choices on content, and her overall demeanor kept the crew on task and productive.

Sports Editor – Jordan Frazier
Jordan has grown Talon’s sports coverage from a drop of water to a river of information, often providing stories beyond simply who won. He hasn’t limited himself to writing about athletics, instead choosing to develop story pitches that actively seek to explain large issues facing students.

Fine Arts Editor – Zoe Ross
Zoe’s spirit shines through the Fine Arts section, including this year’s addition of an Arts and Literature Magazine. Her contributions to our Shattered Dreams program were significant and striking, and her contributions to newsroom discussions and decision-making were appreciated.

Student Life/Features Editor – Emily Gogle
Emily was constant force behind some of our biggest and quickest stories, participating in every aspect of writing, editing, reporting, filming, announcing and more. As a member of both our Newspaper and Broadcast classes, she was an anchor for getting news out quickly, working through breaking stories with skill and determination.

Maddie Anderson
Maddie’s design skills and attention to detail improved our Arts and Literature Magazine, the Talon website itself, and any of her successful pieces of writing for us this year. She was relied on by her classmates as a designer and as a writer who could get things done.

Cameryn Beason
Cameryn is a champion for the stories that could fly under the radar, developing concepts that highlight individuals or groups that might not be noticed. She has a poet’s flair for writing and an artist’s eye for design.

Alix Morse
Alix’s kind heart and sharp intellect has been able to help us solve tough problems with nuance and clarity. Her compassionate spirit is always on display as she volunteers with special needs students and thinks often of those who might normally be overlooked by student media.

Tristan Phelps
Tristan’s writing skills won accolades for his contributions to our Yearbook and from the subjects highlighted in his features. His smile and enthusiasm reverberated through our newsroom for the year he spent with us.

Jacob Shelton
Jacob was a Talon before there was Talon, signing up early and fighting to get a spot in his schedule to get into our newsroom. His contributions to our sports coverage, including his knowledge of athletics, have been instrumental in getting good coverage this year.

Ashton Yeatts
Ashton’s keen reporting skills and kind heart will serve her well as she continues to “Change the World by Blog” (as stated in the Yearbook), studies Journalism in college, and eventually joins another news organization. Her efficency and skill will be an asset to any team.

You have changed this school for the better. The hard work chasing stories, talking to sources, and leading your fellow student reporters will be remembered as you enter college, careers, and “real life.” Thank you for building Talon into an impressive and important new institution.

Your next assignment? Conquer the world.

All the best,
Mr. Janda

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