Inspiring AVID Student Selected to Speak at Convention

Timber Creek’s own amazing student has beat the odds in the past, and it appears that she’s continuing that successful streak even now.

Out of 800 kids, Senior Andrea Vanegas is one of about 20 to be selected to give her speech in one of the AVID locations across the country. She will be traveling to Minneapolis, Minnesota along with TCHS AVID teacher Shelia Sterling to give her speech in front of a large crowd.

“It’s a summer seminar that the AVID program offers to students of the class.” Vanegas explained. “It will be a good experience, I’ll get to deliver my speech about my life for the last nine months to a group of important people.”

Vanegas interviewed in April for the chance to speak at one of the summer programs.

Talon has previously reported on how senior year has been difficult for Vanegas and how she has continually prevailed. The link to her inspiring story is here: Senior Stays Up All Night to Make Ends Meet

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