Everything You Need to Know About 2016-17 Senior Parking

UPDATE: This information is for the 2016-17 school year. See this article for details for 2017-18: Everything You Need to Know About 2017-18 Parking

The Class of 2017 has been waiting for this — here’s everything you need to know about Senior Parking.

Parking Spot Sign-Up

Seniors must purchase their spots online at the link below before Saturday, August 13. Any Seniors who have not yet claimed a spot may choose one the day of painting.

To purchase a permit and parking is $100. There are a limit of 200 spots, so first come, first served.

You must have all your textbook fines, library, and lunch outstanding balances paid before you purchase your parking spot.

The first day to paint spots is after the conclusion of Senior Sunrise on Saturday, August 13, 2016. Students will be able to purchase hotdogs, hamburgers, and Steel City pops from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. while they are painting.

Pay for your permit on the online school store at https://intouch.kellerisd.net/ There is a $3 processing fee with paying online.

Parking Regulations

Vehicles parked on Timber Creek High School property are under the jurisdiction of Timber Creek High School. Parking permits may be obtained for $50.00. NOTE: Seniors pay an additional $50 to select their parking spot, totaling the $100 mentioned above.

According to local policy (FNF Local), Administrators may conduct searches of vehicles on school property any time there is reasonable cause to do so. Refusal of consent will result in a loss of parking privileges and possible involvement of law enforcement.

A student has full responsibility for the security of his/her vehicle and must make certain it is locked and that the keys to the vehicle are not given to others. Timber Creek High School is NOT responsible for loss or damages which occur while vehicles are parked on school property.

All students regardless of age, will be held responsible for any prohibited objects or substances, such as alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, weapons, etc. that are found in his/her car and will be subject to disciplinary action by Keller ISD, as well as possible involvement of law enforcement.

Students must purchase a TCHS parking permit prior to parking on Timber Creek High School property. Additional tags may be purchased when lost or damaged for a cost of $25.00.

Parking stickers will NOT be sold or issued with incomplete paperwork, or if the student has any outstanding school fines/fees. The parking information application must have all information completed and the parking regulations application must have both parent/guardian and student signatures (even if student is 18). We must have accurate information for each parking permit sold.

Sharing of parking permits is not permitted and may result in the loss of parking privileges. The submission of fraudulent or incorrect vehicle identification information may result in the revocation of parking privileges.

A student will not display any item on his/her vehicle which may be interpreted as offensive. The offensive nature of an object will be determined at the discretion of the TCHS administration.

Any student parked in a handicapped parking space (without a handicapped permit), teacher’s lot, visitor’s lot, striped area, fire lanes, or other unauthorized areas will be subject to having his/her vehicle immobilized (booted) or towed at owner’s expense, loss of parking privileges, and/or disciplinary actions.

If vehicle is immobilized, a $25.00 removal fee will be charged. If vehicle is immobilized because student has not purchased a parking permit, the boot will not be removed until a permit is purchased and the removal fee is paid. Boots will be removed after the regular school day has ended. Vehicles that create safety or access problems may be towed, without warning, at owner’s expense. The progression of disciplinary action is as follows:

1st offense: Vehicle immobilized, $25.00 removal fee, ISS and/or Saturday School. Parent Contacted.

2nd offense: Vehicle immobilized, $25.00 removal fee and possible disciplinary action, Student may be banned from parking on TCHS property for a period of time to be determined by administrator. Parent contacted.

Click here for a PDF version of these Parking Regulations

Painting Guidelines

The following will serve as guidelines for the painting of senior parking spaces during the 2016-2017 school year:

  1. Painting will take place on Saturday 8/13 and Sunday 8/14. Make-up days will be Saturday 8/20 and Sunday 8/21. Painting begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends 7:30 p.m. each day.
  2. All purchased spaces must be painted prior to October 1st with no exceptions. If not painted, your space will be resold, with no refund, to avoid issues with students parking in unmarked spaces within the senior lot.
  3. No painting will be allowed unsupervised by STUCO, senior class sponsors, or parents.
  4. Spaces to be painted will be the space number that you choose during parking selection. If you are not sure,
  5. Tailgating atmosphere is welcomed, but any inappropriate items will result in the student(s) being asked to leave and loss of painting privileges with no refunds.
  6. Beverages will be available for purchase.
  7. No profane vocabulary will be painted.
  8. No offensive or vulgar remarks will be painted.
  9. All colors are welcome, but keep in mind fading and durability.
  10. The lot will NOT be cleaned by a power wash company.
  11. Paints are to be purchased by the student.
  12. Cleanup will be required the days of painting. Please keep this in mind and allow for enough time to pick up after yourself.
  13. A primer will help create a faster seal before putting color down, according to multiple advisors within the paint industry.
  14. Advisors also suggest only purchasing paint meant for concretes as a base coat.
  15. As a suggestion, please seek advice from the following retailer. Purchases there are much appreciated. This location has supported and continues to support our school and our community.
  16. Cleaner concrete spaces may require more paint than more painted spaces. Please keep this in mind.

Home Depot Store #6548
2013 Highway 377
Keller, Texas 76248
Phone: (817)745-3376
Mon-Sat: 6:00am – 10:00pm, Sun: 8:00am – 8:00pm

  1. Please see Mrs. Boehringer or email her at emily.boehringer@kellerisd.net with any further questions.

Click here for the PDF version of these Senior Painting Rules