End of Year Security Procedures After May 20


Keller ISD high schools will enforce adjusted safety and security procedures for the final school days of the year.

In a letter to parents sent May 17, 2016, Timber Creek Principal Todd Tunnell outlined steps that TCHS and other Keller ISD high schools would take following the May 20 school day.

“As you know, safety and security is one of our most important priorities,” Tunnell stated in the letter. “The high school principals have established procedures and expectations specific to the final days of the year.”

Six procedures were directly addressed in the letter.

  1. No backpacks, athletic bags or duffle bags will be allowed on campus after May 20.
  2. No lockers will be available for usage after May 20.
  3. Textbooks will be collected prior to May 26.
  4. Extra personnel have been assigned to each campus, including 24-hour security.
  5. Extra security cameras are available on campuses.
  6. Students must leave the building immediately at the 3:40 p.m. bell. There will be limited scheduled activities on campus after 3:40 p.m. after May 20.

UPDATE: The “no bags” rule is a big sticking point for students, especially those with work to turn in. TCHS Administrators said purses are still acceptable. We’re asking for more clarification on other bag types…

Consequences were also detailed in the letter, including severe consequences for seniors that “disrupt the learning environment.”

“Students who disrupt the learning environment will be subject to suspension and further disciplinary action per the Keller ISD Student Code of Conduct,” the letter states. “Seniors who involve themselves in such disruptions will also be suspended from walking in the graduation ceremony, according to Policy FMH Local. For students who are not seniors, involvement in disruption of the learning environment is punishable up to and including DAEP placement for 60 days to include next school year.”

Read a copy of the letter by clicking here: KISD End of Year Letter