Summer VOE Requests Now Open


Students under the age of 18 who are applying for a drivers permit/license or change to either document will require a VOE (Verification of Enrollment) by the DMV. A VOE can be requested by the student from the attendance office. A VOE takes 24 hours to issue and is valid for 30 days. Students who have seat time will not be eligible for a VOE until all of their seat time is made up.

Students who will need a VOE during the summer can request a Summer VOE from the attendance office. Summer VOEs must be requested from May 2 to May 20. Students must not owe seat time. Summer VOEs will be dated May 31 and will be valid from that date until August 20. Students will need to pick of their VOE during the last week of school (May 30 to June 2) in person and must sign the form.

The attendance office will not be open during the summer so students who do not request, or are ineligible for a VOE before summer break, will need to wait until August 23 to request a VOE.