Student Council Hosts CARE Week

Student council members paint a spirit banner on Sept. 21, 2014.
Student council members paint a spirit banner

Timber Creek Student Council is set to host CARE Week from April 25-29. CARE Week is used to spread awareness about various cancers and educate students on them as well. The campaign will bring light to the cancers that aren’t always represented. All students are invited to participate.

CARE stands for: Cancer, Awareness, Recognition, and Education.

Each day of the week represents a different cancer and that cancer’s represented color. Monday: Melanoma, Black. Tuesday: Prostate, Blue. Wednesday: Brain, Grey. Thursday: Ovarian, Teal. At the end of the week all cancers will be covered, represented by the color lavender.

StuCo will be holding a raffle during all lunches to help raise money and donate to a cancer research center. Gift cards and coupons to various local restaurants like Oliva, Elote, Yummy Tummy, Chili’s, and others, will be raffled out during all lunches. On the final day of CARE Week, winners will be drawn to receive prizes.

In addition; StuCo will be handing out support ribbons. The ribbons are for students to show their support for the cause. They will also serve as a symbol and help spread the word.

A memorial wall will be on display all week. Students will have the ability to write about, remember, and honor loved ones fighting cancer, or those who lost the battle.