Everything You Need to Know About Project Graduation

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LAST UPDATED: May 1, 2016

Timber Creek will be hosting Project Graduation for all seniors on May 28, 2016 (graduation day) from midnight to 6 a.m. The event will be held at Main Event in Presidio Junction.

The event will be an all night lock-in including; bowling, laser tag, video games, billiards, gravity ropes, karaoke, and door prizes (laptops, tablets, printers, TV’s, microwaves, gift cards, etc.) Food will be provided, including a pizza buffet, continental breakfast and unlimited beverages. Each senior will be given a game card that allows him/her to play unlimited games all night long.

The concept behind Project Graduation began in the early 1980s when many students in Maine lost their lives due to alcohol-related car accidents associated with graduation parties. Concerned parents decided to take a stand against these incidents and begin the idea of project graduation. By the end of 1986, Texas alone hosted 200 successful alcohol- and chemical-free graduation celebrations.

The class of 2012 has been the only graduating class with a Project Graduation event at Timber Creek. Last year the event was organized but failed due to lack of ticket sales. The parents of the 2016 class hope to restart the event and begin the tradition for all the following graduating classes.

CLICK HERE for the official 2016 Project Graduation registration form

Project Grad organizers are communicating on social media, too: Twitter @TCHSprojgrad and Facebook: TCHS Project Graduation 2016

There are 262 seniors registered for Project Graduation!  The last day to register for $80 and receive a keepsake t-shirt is April 29th! Don’t wait, pay on-line or use the attached form to register today! Sign up: https://squareup.com/store/timber-creek-high-school-project-graduation/

*Limited need based scholarships – If you know a senior who would like to attend, but is unable to pay the registration fee, please recommend the senior inquire about applying for one of the PG16 scholarships in the TCHS counseling office. The counselors will determine eligibility and award these scholarships. Interested seniors are encouraged to inquire by April 29th.

Graduation Yard Signs – Order a personalized sign to celebrate your accomplishment. The signs are only $25 and are the perfect way to decorate for your graduation party! Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Flocking Flamingos – We still need senior volunteers! Seniors can sign up to “flock yards” for a week and earn volunteer hours AND raffle tickets. http://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050f48a5af229-flamingo  Please contact Holly Carter @ 817-995-0337 with any questions about flocking.

Pei Wei spirit night – May 4th Pei Wei will donate 20% of sales between 11 AM – 9 PM to TCHS Project Graduation. This includes Dine In AND Take Out! Please mention Timber Creek Project Graduation or present the attached flyer.

Senior Guest at Project Graduation:
The committee voted to allow seniors to bring a guest (senior from another school). The guest will pay the same price as the TC senior, but s/he will NOT be eligible for any prizes. Senior guests will need to complete a guest form (similar to what is required for Homecoming and Prom). Please contact Heather Vela (vela2kool@verizon.net) for a form.

Fundraising Events for Project Graduation

Project Graduation organizers have put together multiple fundraising events and opportunities, including a Senior Book that was distributed during the Oct. 29 Senior Recognition Night football game.

Organizers are also offering Chick-Fil-A breakfast biscuits every Friday from 7:45 – 9:15 a.m. at the Fine Arts Concession stand.

Flamingo Flocking is another fundraiser taking place where seniors can volunteer to “flock yards” for a week to earn volunteer hours and raffle tickets.

The Senior Serve fundraiser was another major event designed to get Seniors involved in funding the all-night graduation party. The Senior Serve dinner had groups of Senior class volunteers designing table decor, serving food, and showing off their talents. The dinner raised over $4,000 for the class of 2016. Read more here: Seniors Serve Dinner Raises $4K for Project Graduation

In addition to all the fundraiser, the Project Graduation committee voted to offer 15 need-based scholarships for students to attend. Students can apply for one of the PG16 scholarships in the counseling office and are encouraged to do so by April 29. The counselors will determine eligibility and award the scholarships.

Volunteer Opportunity 

Parent volunteers are needed who can work during lunches April 5 and 26 at the Project Graduation table. Information about the event as well as an area for seniors to drop off their registration/ check that it was received along with the payment and check that their t-shirt size is correct will be available.

Who To Contact

Any further questions, as well as t-shirt sizes and payment plan due dates can be answered by Heather Vela, the Project Graduation President, at (817) 845-4291.

Project Graduation Q&A

Question: What is Project Graduation?
Answer: Project Graduation is an all-night celebration for your graduate. It is a fun, safe way for all the seniors to get together and have a good time on the night of graduation. The lock-in includes unlimited bowling, laser tag, video game play, billiards, karaoke, food and beverages! It is the last time all seniors will be together.

Question: When and where does it take place?
Answer: Project Graduation takes place overnight after graduation. It is held at the new Main Event in N. Fort Worth on May 28 from midnight to May 29 at 6 a.m.

Question: I’m worried about my senior being out all night!
Answer: Main Event provides two uniformed officers to ensure that our seniors are safe while enjoying their graduation with their friends! And no “In and Out” is allowed; once they arrive they are “locked-in”.

Question: Should my senior eat before she/he comes to the event?
Answer: Main Event will have a pizza and salad buffet set up from the moment the seniors arrive at midnight! So they should come hungry!

Question: We have family in town for my senior’s graduation; I don’t want them to miss spending time with them.
Answer: This event takes place while your guests are likely sleeping. It starts the night they graduate at midnight and goes until 6 a.m. the next morning. Of course, we can’t promise they won’t want to come home and take a nap Sunday morning!

Question: I want to have a graduation party for my senior, will this cause a conflict?
Answer: The 2016 class of Timber Creek seniors graduate on Saturday, May 28 at 8 p.m. in Arlington, so the ceremony will end rather late. Most families will likely schedule their personal celebrations Friday evening, Saturday afternoon or Sunday.

Question: How do I make sure my senior gets to attend?
Answer: The price increases incrementally as it gets closer to the event, so don’t delay! The registration form is available on this page: CLICK HERE for the official 2016 Project Graduation registration form