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Though there’s about 7 weeks of the 2015-16 school year left, Timber Creek students are already planning next year’s schedules.

From April 7-14, 2016, students will be able to verify their classes for next year and add or drop courses requested for the next school year.

Students should have recieved these sheets from their Social Studies classes (including geography, history, etc.) around April 7. Students should first check with their teacher for the form if they haven’t recieved one.

If everything looks good, students don’t have to do anything. If any changes need to be made, they must be submitted in writing via the add/drop portion on the student’s verification sheets.

That April 14 deadline is very firm — counseling needs all written requests for changes by that date to make sure everything is set up for the 2016-17 school year. Letters home to parents state it pretty clearly “no changes will be made after this date.”

A few important points to remember:

Elective scheduling priority is given to upper classman. Changes to elective courses and alternates will be reviewed if space allows. If students notice changes to their elective requests, it is likely because of one or more of the following has happened: a course they selected has been closed, they have not met the appropriate prerequisite, and/or the course requires prior teacher/coach approval.

Students who add a sport or any other course that needs approval by the coach/teacher must get signatures on the Course Selection Change form before returning the form to the counseling office. No changes will be made without approval signature.

Students should have registered for 8 credits and 3 credits worth of alternates. The only reason students would have less than 8 credits is if they are a senior. Seniors with afternoon dismissal (4th and 5th period off) would have 5 credits. Seniors with late arrival and early dismissal (no 1st or 5th periods) would have 6 credits. Finally, seniors with late arrival OR early dismissal, would have 7 credits.

A number of courses will not be offered at TCHS next year and have been removed from all student course requests. Check the table below for these listed courses.

not offered 2016

HINT: Anyone who wanted to take Radio Broadcasting might want to sign up for Broadcast Journalism instead.

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