Art Students Take Major Awards at State VASE Competition

Photograph of Maranda Milton's artwork that won a Gold Seal at the 2016 State VASE competition.
Photograph of Maranda Milton’s artwork that won a Gold Seal at the 2016 State VASE competition.

Maranda Milton received a Gold Seal at the VASE state art competition. The Gold Seal is equivalent to a state championship for artists.

Junior Milton says, “I feel like winning at state is a huge honor and I’m happy to make my family proud with that, but I’m more proud of everyone who made it as far as state, including my friends, and all their hard work and accomplishments!”

Milton ranked 150 out of 31,000 in Texas.

Of the 23 Timber Creek art students that competed at the State level, 14 students won “all-state honors” by scoring a 4. Those students include Payton Chronister, Lindsey Gardner, Maranda Milton, Monica Miles, Sloan Miller, Mariangelis Pango Marcano, Victoria Xu, Avery Lindley, Gwyneth Bailey, Josh Corry, Jolene Pinto, Karson Gopffarth and Brittany Lukawski. Lukawiski competed with two pieces and earned all-state honors for both.

See a photo of the Gold Seal-winning artwork from Maranda Milton at the top of this story.

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