Timber Creek Student Council Takes On TASC

Last Saturday, Feb. 27, the Timber Creek Student Council, or StuCo, went to Azle High school to attend the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) District 3 spring conference.

TCHS took seven StuCo members; Dillon Fontaine, Brianna Mendez, Kaylee Wyman, Sydney Cundiff, Emily Seay, Jake Howard, and Faith Naphaivong.

Spring conference is where all TASC registered schools meet and share ideas. Once there; the schools collaborate, expand networks, present projects, build a community, and accomplish state and district service initiatives. Additionally, the meeting is when the district schools nominate their officers for next year. Districts do not choose individuals as officers. In fact, they pick schools. Elected schools will then select a representative to attend district meetings.

Junior Dillon Fontaine praises TASC for its work.

“TASC has done a great job in bringing councils from across the state together to these retreats and conferences. Because of TASC I now have friends in all parts of Texas that I would have never thought of having,” Fontaine said.

At the conference Timber Creek made their first attempt and ran for district Parliamentarian. StuCo is the first club and organization at Timber Creek to run for a district office position. In order to run for an office position, StuCo had to see out two nominations from other schools in the district. Student Council got their nominations from Arlington Martin High School and Saginaw High School. In addition, StuCo had to create and organize a skit pertaining to a community project that their council had done or planned on doing. The skit Timber Creek chose was one about the project Helpful Hotlines.

Dillon Fontaine shared his views on the project.

“Helpful hotlines was a project myself and some other StuCo friends from Central created while at a TASC summer workshop in Nacadoches, TX. This project was meant to bring easy access to helpful numbers you may need in an emergency. It was such a hit at SFA we decided to bring it back to our own campus,” Fontaine said.

Timber Creek StuCo won the nomination for District 3 Parliamentarian. They will be holding that office for the 2016-2017 year. Additionally, Dillon Fontaine was chosen as the representative for Timber Creek and will be attending district meetings.

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