TCHS Spanish Teacher Organizing Trip to Spain

ef tour madrid to barcelona

Spanish teacher Stephani Biggs is leading a group on EF Tours Madrid to Barcelona trip over Spring Break 2017.

The trip is open to all students and would be a great opportunity for art, history, and language students because of the abundance of awesome museums, historic places, and culture they would see in Spain.

Spanish is not a requirement (tours will be conducted in English) and the trip begins March 10, 2017. The trip will last 10 days.

Organizers say the trip is at a great price and will most surely become a priceless experience for the students.

Students that sign up before the end of March can get a discount on the trip. Find more details here:

“Of course, I want great students to go with me, but if students can’t come on this tour, I hope they do save up and go on a trip during their time at TCHS,” organizing teacher Stephani Biggs said. “Lots of teachers at TCHS see the benefits of travelling for college applications, job interviews, and students’ lives in general. I am not the first to plan a trip at TCHS, and won’t be the last.  Students should take notice, get out there, and see the World.”

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