Students Pick Sanders, Trump in Super Tuesday Straw Poll

Graphic used to vote in the Timber Creek Straw Poll. Polling closed on March 1, 2016.

Timber Creek High School students had a Super Tuesday of their own by participating in a school-wide straw poll for presidential candidates.

We had 889 students respond to the poll – a record number of participants for our school (yeah, more than Homecoming voting!).

About 34% of the students polled selected Democratic Candidate Bernie Sanders. Hillary Clinton polled in a distant second with TCHS students, gathering only 54 votes. That means around 85% of TCHS students that voted for Democrats picked Sanders.

The Republican side was closer, with Donald Trump gathering 172 votes, Marco Rubio taking 157, and Ted Cruz netting 137 of the votes. Ben Carson polled lower than Hillary Clinton with 48 votes, and John Kasich pulled only 18 of the 889 total votes across both parties.

These numbers weren’t quite representative of Texas’ real votes in the Super Tuesday primaries, though. Ted Cruz, who was third place in the GOP poll for TCHS, actually pulled 44% of Texas’ real votes. Similarly, though TCHS support for Sanders was overwhelming, Hillary Clinton’s performance in Texas real voting pulled 65% of votes on the primary date.

We’ve attached a bar graph showing all candidates percentage among the total voters, just to see how they all stacked up.

super tuesday straw poll results

Again here’s the breakdown of votes:

Sanders 303
Clinton 54

Trump 172
Rubio 157
Cruz 137
Carson 48
Kasich 18

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