Senior TSI Testing Scheduled for April 27-29

Capture of the cover to the TSI Student Handbook, courtesy of College Board.
Capture of the cover to the TSI Student Handbook, courtesy of College Board.

The Texas Success Initiative Assessment, or TSI, is fast approaching for seniors. The TSI’s main purpose is to figure out if you are eligible for college level courses. If you are not prepared, this test will still be able to help you figure out what you need to work on in order to become prepared for the college courses when they come around.

This TSI test is for seniors only, not dual credit. The last date to sign up is April 21, but don’t wait until then, there are only 150 spots available. The dates of testing will be on April 27-29 in the Timber Creek library during the school day. The testing will commence at 8:30 A.M. and go on for two hours. In order to sign up for the test, the senior needs to fill out a TCC application and pre-assessment activity. The key to all of this is getting the TCC student identification number which will help in signing up for testing. To sign up for testing, there is a request form on the TCHS counseling page that will earn you a spot.

Click here for the TSI Testing for Current Seniors (not Dual Credit) information and request form.

The pre-assessment activity is very important in preparing for the TSI. This activity explains the importance of the TSI, gives practice questions and responses on what was done right and wrong. If you don’t meet the standard for passing there will be instruction on your developmental education options. If however, the standard is met, there will be information on what will help you be successful in these college courses.

The TSI is made up on mathematics, reading, and writing. The test is multiple choice and there will be an essay. The test is also done well over the computer, and this helps because, depending on the answers chosen, the questions in either become harder or easier as the test goes on. The test is not timed so take as long as you need to give the best answers possible. The answers you submit will hold weight, as they will determine the courses that you can enroll in. Your scores will be immediate, so no stressing for days, it will be in your hands in the blink of an eye.

The TSI covers mathematics, reading and writing. Mathematics talks of elementary and intermediate algebra and functions, geometry and measurement, and data analysis, statistics and probability. Reading test over literary analysis, main idea and supporting details, inferences in a text or texts, and author’s use of language. Writing concerns essay revision, agreement, sentence structure, and sentence logic.

Find additional information in the TSI Student Handbook by clicking here.

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