Math for the Future


Math is a subject that many people see no use for in their daily lives or even in school for that matter. Many find it boring, and have a hard time focusing on the material being taught. Students complain that they’ll “never use it in real life” or it “won’t affect what they do later in life.” Well there is one teacher who is trying to change this perception. Mrs. Deleon, an AP Statistics and Algebra 2 teacher, is beloved by her students for a multitude of reasons.

“I think that Mrs. Deleon is enthusiastic, ecstatic, and extremely fun,” Timber Creek Senior John Ferratt said.

Mrs. Deleon enjoys teaching immensely and its something that she’s wanted to do since her college days.

“Working with students, connecting with students, and getting Stats across to people because it’s so applicable to life, are my favorite things about teaching,” Deleon said.

She has debunked the theory of math having no so-called relevance to real life, several of her former have come to her and said that her Statistics class has helped them with college or even their jobs.

Of course none of Mrs. Deleon’s teaching would be effective if she didn’t like the subject herself which, shocker, she does.

“Math is like a puzzle and I’ve always enjoyed it because the answers are black and white unlike some subjects such as English,” Deleon said.

On top of being a great teacher and enthusiastic communicator, Mrs. Deleon is one of the nicest teachers’ students have met. Mrs. Deleon will do anything to make sure her students understand the material and do well in her classes. She’s been known to stay after school for hours for students that are either struggling or failing or both. She does almost anything to make her sure her students are doing well and can achieve the dreams they want to reach in the future. It’s these kind of selfless acts that puts Mrs. Deleon as many students’ favorite teacher and the nicest person they know.

Despite Mrs. Deleon’s efforts many students still think math will not be useful for them in the future. Everything is seen more clearly in hindsight though, and this will be one of those things. Eventually, a couple years from now students will realize just how much Mrs. Deleon did to try and further their education for “real life”

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