Administration Statement on Transgender Bathroom Photos


Timber Creek High School administrators tell the Talon that they are in the process of investigating this issue through the Keller ISD Anti-Bullying policy. This policy takes all student accusations seriously and designed to be very thorough. Timber Creek Administrators are communicating with all of the parties that may be involved, but this process takes time.

Administrators would like to encourage students to be respectful on social media.

“We will not tolerate discrimination of any kind. I urge students to use social media responsibly, and not as a tool to demean their peers or spread unconfirmed rumors,” Timber Creek Principal Todd Tunnell said in a statement to the Talon. “Keller ISD’s Student Code of Conduct addresses the misuse of technology resources and the internet, and any students violating this policy will be disciplined according to the Code.”

As more information about this incident is investigated, the Talon will have additional reporting when available.