The Don Has Arrived Fashion Line

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Jalen Fluker, a junior at Timber Creek High School, is one of the many younger-generation artists who fight for accomplishments, acknowledgements and success. The difference between Fluker and everybody else is simple: Jalen is very active at attaining this goal.

Quitting his beloved sport of basketball in 2015 to focus on fashion and music, Fluker was quick to take action. Naming his fashion and music production, Fluker then took the next step by marketing his brand by creating the “The Don has Arrived” clothing line, modeled by a few of his friends.

“ is about being bold, unique and taking fashion trends and incorporating our own ingenuity into our designs,” Fluker says.

Fluker has also taken a very crucial step towards his future: picking out a college. Circling around his interests, he has looked into early enrollment at FIDM, a creative design institute in California. He has reached out for connections and thinks about the big picture every day.

“ is where urban street wear meets high fashion,” he says, “I want to one day compete with top notch lines and designers like Rick Owens, Alexander Wang, Kanye West, etc. Those are a few designers I get a lot of inspiration from.”

He’s got the creativity for it and he has the right dreams. The most significant asset to this student is, his drive and aim for success.