Did you just switch into AP Government? If so, here are some tips to help you succeed this coming semester.

U.S. government is a lot like U.S. history, with the focus shifted slightly to focus more on the role of the government than the events and people that made it that way. Government is all about political processes in America. The tests and quizzes are all in great preparation for the AP test.

Doing the vocab will help greatly with FRQ’s and your grade. The textbooks are brand new so all the content is built to help you learn what you need for the AP test.

Julia McGillick, a senior already enrolled in the class said, “AP government is one of those classes you definitely can’t blow off, because you need the credit in order to graduate, but it’s one of the easiest classes I’ve ever taken.”

Government may seem impossible at first but it is completely manageable and worth the studying.

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