Following a successful campaign to get over 2,000 followers to the Talon Twitter account, we’re bringing back the video games at lunch times.

Those claiming to have the best NBA 2K16 skills will need to put up some buckets on the cafeteria big screen. UPDATE: The date for the NBA 2K lunches will be rescheduled.

Here’s how it’ll work: Students will be able to start signing up outside M 104 on Thursday, Feb. 18 with their student ID, lunch time (Note: Friday, Feb. 19 is an A Day), and pick of team. Students can also sign up on the day of the event as well.

The rules are pretty simple: It’s the PS4 version of the game and we’ll be playing offline exhibition games with students on each team. We’ll be using 2 minute quarters on All-Star mode settings. We’ll also set manual timeouts, but encourage players to not use those — we’d like to get in as many rounds as possible in our short lunches. Finally, because we know everyone will want to be Golden State, we’re asking for players to pick their teams during sign up.

Don’t like NBA 2K? Don’t worry. We’ll play FIFA during lunches on March 11, 2016!

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