International Fans Stream Falcon Soccer

Martinez’ family watches the live coverage of him playing at Timber Creek via the live internet stream.

Miguel Martinez is a senior in his second year at Timber Creek and this might be one of the biggest moments of his young soccer career. It’s the first time in the last four years that Martinez’ father has seen him play competitive soccer — and he’s not even in the country.

Martinez’ parents live in Mexico while he is currently living with a close family friend from the local church he goes to. It has been around two years since he has seen all of his family. But on Feb. 19, that changed. Martinez’ parents and all of his other relatives were able to watch him play soccer while in Mexico.

“When I found out my family, especially my dad, was going to be able to watch me play soccer for the first time in four years, the feeling was indescribable,” Martinez said. “I was so happy that they could view that all the way from Mexico.”

Timber Creek’s Broadcast Journalism students live streamed the Feb. 19, 2016 game against Central High School out to the internet, allowing viewers from all over the world to watch.

“Knowing my father was able to see me doing the one thing I love was awesome,” Martinez said. “I’d like to thank the people who live streamed the game tremendously.”

Although the team lost a tough game to Central 0-1, it was an international success. There were viewers from around the United States, including Texas, Georgia, Ohio, Massachusetts, California and Florida. On an even bigger scale, the livestream had viewers from countries including Mexico, Panama and England.

Before the game, Martinez’ teammates could tell that this meant so much more than just a game.

“The feelings and support my teammates gave me going into the game was incredible,” Martinez said. “They knew how much this meant to me.”

With the success of the live broadcast there will be two more soccer games broadcasted on the boys side, and two for the girls.

The dates of the Boys games are: Friday, March 4 and Friday, March 11.

The dates of the Girls games are: Tuesday, March 1 and Tuesday, March 8.

Martinez’ family cheers him on from Mexico.