Football is already starting to prepare for next year’s season, in addition to working out every day the football team has started working on technique and plays for next year.

It is very important to get a jump start on spring training since many, if not most of next year’s Varsity will be new to the Varsity scene.

Considering all of these things, the coaches have decided that working on football skills early will get the team better ready for the upcoming season.

Things are looking up for the team since the new district has been released because many players believe the team has a good shot at not only having a winning season, but there is also a chance at the district title.

“Off season this year has been more intense and more productive than ever before, if you ask me we have a great chance to win district. I think we will do it if we continue on the path we are on right now” said Varsity Defensive End Jackson Worley.

“The mood seems to be changing in the locker room, the players seem more united than ever. “Even though we have a young group this year, none of us are selfish, we work as a team and any time there is a group of people working as a unit not individually they are going to be hard to beat” Tim Allison said.


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