Registration for 2016-17 Classes Begins This Week


High School registration will begin January 25 and end on February 4. Students will be able to make changes to their schedules on Home Access Center until February 19, which will be the final day to make any class requests for next year. There are no exceptions.

Counselors will be meeting with students in their social studies classes, they will also be sending schedules to the impacted teachers showing which particular day they will be meeting with each class.

It is important to register early to get into the classes that you want before they are filled. If a class that you requested is full, the councilors will use the alternatives you picked. There is no guarantee you will be put into the class you requested. It is important to pick alternatives, if you do not, the councilors will put you in a class with the least amount of seats filled. Make sure to choose alternatives so you are not unhappy with the classes you are enrolled in.

Students will choose the classes they prefer, councilors will put the students requests in the computer, and the computer will do the rest.

There are many sources of information if a student does not know what class they need to be in, they can either look at their transcript on home access center, or look at the school website for the PowerPoint the councilors displayed in the social studies classes. Students can also make an appointment with their councilor if necessary. Students will have to be patient to meet with their councilor due to the fact that a lot of people will be making appointments.

Click here for the HS Course Guide 2016-2017

The Falcon Showcase will be held on the evening of Feb. 8, this is important for eighth grade students and families that are in our middle schools. Councilors will also be going to eighth grade campuses on Feb. 9-12 to work with students and parents on selecting their courses for their Freshman year.