Students from the Timber Creek Talon, Creative Writing and other English classes, Art and Yearbook are working together to build a new literature and art magazine for TCHS.

Previously, a magazine entitled “Flight” was published by Yearbook featuring artwork and creative writing pieces by TCHS students and faculty. The last publication of “Flight” was in 2013.

This year, the Talon is reintroducing the magazine as a digital publication scheduled to be released in Jan. 2016. This twice-yearly publication will also appear in May 2016, just before the end of the school year.

Students and faculty are encouraged to submit their creative works in a variety of mediums for consideration to be published in the literary magazine and/or on the Timber Creek Talon website. A panel of students and teachers will review materials submitted and select content based on length, subject matter, and other considerations before publication.

Submission Guidelines

Entrants may submit fictional or non-fiction short stories, poems, and digital representation of artwork (e.g. photos or scans of painting, sculptures, etc.) through an online form included below.

DEADLINE EXTENDED: Submissions are due by Dec. 15, 2015.

Please note that all form fields must be filled out completely. Additionally, submissions should be completed only by the author of the submitted work — don’t fill this out for someone else. By checking the final option, you will be providing permission for the work (if selected) to be published in the digital magazine, on, shared on social media accounts, and/or all of the above. All authors will have their name attached to their work to give proper credit to the talented individuals who have created this content.

For submissions short stories or poems, please limit the word count to under 1,500 words. Authors may be asked to edit portions of their work to fit space or content requests.

For artwork, please include photographs that are as unaltered as possible. Digital art and graphics pieces will be accepted, however photos with significant alterations to the look of the original work may be denied. In short, don’t Photoshop your piece to make it look significantly different, unless that’s the medium you’re submitting.

If there are additional questions about formats, restrictions, or rules about your submission, please use this e-mail address to contact us:

Publishing Formats and Schedule

The completed digital magazine will be available for FREE via Timber Creek Talon and the Issuu magazine service. Additional locations to acquire the magazine may be added later. No printed copies will be available for students, instead readers may purchase a print-on-demand copy via the Issuu service. This copy will be mailed directly to the customer’s address and printed on high-quality paper. Editors of the literary magazine will create high-resolution files to be made available for this printing service, ensuring the best quality. The digital download or streaming versions of the magazine may be at a smaller resolution to reduce bandwidth use or other costs.

Submissions for the Fall edition are due Dec. 15, 2015. Editors are currently targeting a Jan. 2016 digital release window, however printed releases may be later depending on the third-party Issuu printing service. Submissions approved by the panel may see publication as soon as Dec. 19, 2015 on These published submissions will contain special graphics and language to designated them as creative work.

Entry Form

Submit Your Creative Work Here

Submit Your Creative Work Here

Please enter the name you would like to be credited with. Pseudonyms are acceptable, as we'll verify you're at Timber Creek via your Student ID.

Any student IDs collected are for verification purposes. These will not be published.

Any e-mails collected are for communication purposes between the selection panel, organizers, and the authors. These will not be published.

If no title is provided, the work will be marked untitled.

If submitting written work, please copy and paste the text here. If you run out of space, please use the e-mail.

Please check these boxes. They are required.


If you have any problems filling out this form, or need to attach files, please CLICK HERE to send an e-mail message with your entry.

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By Timber Creek Talon

The Timber Creek Talon is the student news service for Timber Creek High School in Keller Independent School District.