Student Council will begin running for class officer positions on Feb. 5.

The candidates must complete a strenuous application process including an application, teacher recommendations, campaign posters, and go through an interview.

“The process is difficult and only for the dedicated few, especially since this year there will be a debate and an interview by our campus administrators,” current Junior Class President Dillon Fontaine said.

During the campaign week of Feb. 29 through March 7 there will be a debate during lunch for all the candidates. The interview process will take place at a later time.

“There are about 30 people applying for officer positions, 10 of which are applying for senior spots,” Fontaine said. “I plan on running for student body president.”

Elections will take place on on March 8 during all lunches. Voting will be done electronically to allow each student the opportunity to cast a single vote for each contested election. Winners will be announced at the annual Student Council banquet on March 10, 2016.

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By Kristen Fox

Kristen Fox is a Junior Lieutenant for the Timber Creek Sky Dancers.