Timber Creek will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week from Oct. 26 to 30, 2015.

Red Ribbon Week is an anti drugs and alcohol prevention week usually held on the last full week of October.

The theme for this year is Wizard of Oz. Students are encouraged to wear yellow to dress like the lion on Oct. 26. On Oct. 27, wear silver to dress like the Tin Man. On Oct. 28, wear green and black —  but be sure not to dress like an actual witch. On Oct. 29, wear flannels and overalls to dress like a scarecrow. Oct. 30 is ruby red Friday. Wear red, enough said.

Student Assembly on Oct. 30

There will also be an assembly in celebration of Red Ribbon Week and anti bullying prevention month, held in the band parking lot on Oct. 30.

The ASA High School tour will be showcasing tricks on a halfpipe in support of bullying prevention. Timber Creek will be able to check out some of the “top action sports athletes,” while learning about the dangers of bullying. The program is sponsored by the Marines, “NO Place for Hate” Anti-Defamation League, and ASA Entertainment.

On Friday, the 4B period will run from 1:15 to 3:40 p.m. and there will be no 5th period.

At 1:15 p.m. all classes will take attendance. Following that, there will be two times for the presentation.

Students on the second floor, plus athletics/gym/field house will go to the first presentation during 4B, while students on the first floor or in Fine Arts classes will go to the second presentation.

First Presentation Schedule
1:20pm – Students dismissed to band parking lot (large gym if raining) – teachers will escort and supervise students through presentation
1:30pm – Student arrival band parking lot (Large Gym) / presentation starts
2:15pm – Students dismissed back to class (4B)

Second Presentation Schedule
2:35pm – Students dismissed to band parking lot (large gym if raining) – teachers will escort and supervise students through presentation
2:45pm – Student arrival to band parking lot (Large Gym) / presentation starts
3:30pm – Hold students until dismissal (Announcement will be made)

If presentation is held outside, students and teachers will exit through Fine Arts / west doors and guide students into the Band parking lot.

Security will be stationed at the south/west end of the private drive to create a walk way for students to enter into the band parking lot from the Fine Arts hallway exits and at the north/west bus entrance directing bus traffic and visitors.

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By Caroline Oliphint

Caroline is a student Talon reporter and Editor in Chief. She is actively involved in school and slightly lives in fear of driving a vehicle.