The Timber Creek High School community came together on Friday to promote inner beauty.

“Project Beautiful” was held throughout the school day on Sept. 18, 2015. Girls were encouraged to come to school without wearing make up to promote natural beauty. Makeup removal stations were scattered about the school for girls who decided to participate later in the day, fully equipped by Timber Creek Student Council. All day, students were encouraged to write supportive notes on post-its and put them up around school, or even hand them to other students.

The movement was supported by many students, including organizer Brianna Mendez who discussed the project in a Talon interview before the event.

“The mission is simple on the surface, to tell everyone that they are beautiful, but, it’s more than that,” Mendez explained. “It’s aiming to tell everyone that they not only possess such an immense beauty, but that they are loved, cared for, not alone, and that there will always be someone for them to turn to.”

The students and teachers of TCHS got involved in spreading the message through social media posts on Twitter.

Principal Todd Tunnell praised those behind the scenes working to make “Project Beautiful” a success.

“It’s a fabulous concept, it’s a great program,” Tunnell said in a video interview. “We are always very happy when our students realize their inner beauty and who they are and what they’re made of rather than just what’s on the outside.”

“I just think it’s fantastic,” Tunnell said.

The student population came out to support their fellow students through many messages of encouragement and support.

See photos and messages of support tagged on Twitter with #TCHSProjectBeautiful in the widget below:

Information from multiple Talon reporters including Emily Gogle, Gabi Galloway, Abby Greiner, and Ashton Yeatts.

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By Timber Creek Talon

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