A fashion design student models her skirt made from reused newspaper. (Photo by Timber Creek Talon)

Fashion Design students have been working hard on a piece of recycled clothing. Each group of students had one week to plan and create a piece of wearable clothing out of recyclable goods.

The students were challenged to see useless, discarded objects in a new light. Each group sketched a design and wrote a summary of materials they would use before they constructed the garment. They weren’t allowed to use fabric of any kind and the design had to be within the school dress code.

During the class period the model from each group had a photo shoot (see some of those photos below) and got to walk down a catwalk for their peers.

Each group were made aware of the global waste problem and started to see ways they could re-use products for their benefit.

One of the more intricate pieces was a full skirt of shredded paper glued to a black paper bag. Newspaper dresses were popular along with hats and bows made of plastic shopping bags. One group spent the week having all of their friends drink sodas for their soda can skirt.

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By Brelee McClelland

Brelee McClelland is the Editor in Chief of the Timber Creek Talon. She is also a member of the TCHS band.