Everything You Need to Know About Graduation


The end is so near that most of Timber Creek’s seniors can taste the bittersweet flavor of it. But with the end, also comes the time to make preparations for the special event.

Caps and gowns have been delivered and should have been picked up by students. If you still have yet to pick up your cap and gown, please see Mrs. Wimmer in the front office.

Graduation Rehearsal

In order for the students’ graduation day to be as perfect as possible there will be a mandatory rehearsal for all seniors, no exceptions. On May 29 at 8 a.m., students are required to meet in the gym at Timber Creek. There will also be a panoramic picture scheduled at 11 in the morning. At the rehearsal students will receive their tickets and must-know information for the day of graduation. For the students who have been chosen to carry a flag during the ceremony, they must be on time on the date of graduation in order to be able to do so.

Graduation Day

On the date of graduation, students are expected to dress appropriately. Male students will be required to wear dark pants, dark dress shoes, and a collared shirt. Female students are required to wear heels that are not over 3 inches, or dress shoes, but neither can have vibrant colors. The top of graduation caps can be decorated to suit the student, as long the cap does not don an inappropriate sigil or image.

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Graduation itself is on May 30, 2015 at 4:00 pm, at College Park Center, 601 Spaniolo Drive, Arlington, TX 76019.

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You can watch the KISD Graduation ceremonies live online at this following link on May 30: KISD Graduation Live Online

In order to have the best graduation possible for the students of Timber Creek High School, please ensure that your student has gotten the necessary items picked up and the correct documents turned in to administration. Make sure to attend the rehearsal, and after that, have a spectacular graduation!

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