dress code reminders

Timber Creek High School administrators want students to be aware of the Keller ISD dress code.

DRESS CODE REMINDERS:  Please review the dress code and make sure that you are in compliance, especially with the following sections:
•    Shirts/Tops must cover to the point of the shoulder.
•    No half-length, tank top, strapless, backless, cut-off, halter, or bare-midriff shirts/blouses shall be worn. (This includes “muscle” shirts for male students.)
•    No sheer/see-through garments are permitted unless worn over a shirt that meets dress code guidelines.
•    No cleavage shall be visible.
•    Pants/shorts must be worn at the natural waistline (no sagging/exposed undergarments).
•    The minimum length of any garment is mid-thigh.
•    Clothing normally considered as pajamas may not be worn.
•    Students are not to wear or carry hats of any kind within the school building.

Consequences for not adhering to the dress code will follow these guidelines:
•    The student will be allowed to change clothes and return to class.
•    The student MAY be assigned to ISS OR sent home if he/she does not have appropriate clothes to change into.

The full KISD dress code is available for review at the following link: KISD Dress Code

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By Timber Creek Talon

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