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Tests in general are a thing to be feared — dreaded, actually. They hold great influence over your 6 weeks grade, and eventually your semester grade. But the idea of studying for the looming tests can sometimes be as big of a threat as the test itself. While studying is a highly useful tool that helps the average student prepare for incoming tests, here are some top tips that can help you grab a great grade.

The first thing a person can do when preparing for a test is take Cornell Notes in class. When taking C-notes you create a small column to the left, that you will later fill with questions, and then leave a small space at the bottom of the paper. After you’ve taken productive notes for the necessary topic that you will be testing on, begin formulating high-level questions based off of your notes. Ask things like, predict, contradict, compare and contrast, or define the topic at hand. When you’ve finished with creating the questions, then make sure to summarize the paper at the bottom. After the notes are completely finished, study them, and then proceed to go through the notes and see if you have come to comprehend the subject. This strategy is very useful and a main tool to the students in Timber Creek’s AVID program (a college preparation class that focuses on how to heighten a students chances to succeed in college.) If you really are struggling with the note taking process, try seeking out an AVID student and they can give you quite a few tips.

Another tips is to make flashcards, either by paper or through means of Quizlet will work either way. The best use for flashcards tends to be for vocabulary, but you can also write questions and then the coordinated answers on the back. After the cards have been created, be sure to go through them until you are sure that you know the subject completely. Another positive thing about flashcards is that they are extremely convenient, you can take them out and study while waiting for the bus, during TV commercials and perhaps even during your free time in classes — just not during class.

The best thing a person can do to prepare for tests is to know the topics. Study them over time, and become familiar with the subject so that when the test does come you are comfortable with the information.

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By Cameryn Beason

Broadsheet Editor, avid reader of typical high school books, writer for the Talon as well as a writer for my own entertainment.