(Photo from Flickr user Yoshi42)
(Photo from Flickr user Yoshi42)

February 14 is a date some people look forward to with rapt excitement and others dread. The day is full of blissful smiles for those who get what they wish, and overtly emotional tears for those who do not. So instead of fretting over a fancy gift, make it easy and follow the upcoming advice.

First, make it easy and buy a carnation from the local florist. They’re vibrantly colored and perfectly balanced in every way. Your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend will be happy that you thought of them, just try to make the display entertaining.

Second, go basic and just buy some flowers and chocolate. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going the non-original route, it’s even endearing at some times. Your better half could be totally pleased and happy to have something to showcase to their friends.

Third, be extravagant and buy the huge stuffed animal. It will be a slight bother, but also quiet entertaining. Your bae could love to have an insanely huge stuffed toy to carry around throughout the day. Obviously, they will be proud to show that their partner cares so much.

Fourth, make your own little pink and red Valentine’s Day box. Decorate the outside, to your own pleasure, before putting some thought as to what you wish to put inside. For some ideas you can do: candy, jewelry, gum, key-chains, or anything else that would be a hit with your significant other. When everything is done and decorated, deliver and enjoy the reaction.

If nothing else, just show them that you care. It doesn’t matter how elaborate — or understated — your gift may be, because it only really matters how you feel. The best thing you can do for yourself and your partner is to tell them what you love/like/enjoy about them. It will boost their self-esteem and reveal how much you admire them. So be a sweetheart and show your bae how spectacular you think they are.

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By Cameryn Beason

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