Framing Mums

Nowadays, students struggle to keep their phones alive, and the increasing use of the devices during downtime really drains the battery. While many smartphones these days have relatively long battery life, some apps and functionality diminish what gain there is in having a large battery.

Here are five ways to make your battery last the school day:

    1. Turn on your phone’s “airplane mode” as this will prevent messages, calls, and any connectivity from reaching your phone. Since many students socialize on their phones, this could be impractical, but it can preserve your phone’s battery when not in use.
    2. Avoid using cellular data as much as possible as it has a way of heating your phone and draining the battery quite fast. Only turn this on if the Wi-Fi signal is bad or you need it to receive group messages.
    3. Turn your backlight brightness down; this can have a major impact due to the power draw of the many high quality screens currently available on many phones.
    4. If your phone has the feature, turn on power saving mode. It will lower the brightness and also throttle the performance of the phone so it will not run as hard or drain as much.
    5. Disable extra features available on many phones such as Bluetooth connectivity, location services, and any service that does not pertain to the use at hand.

With these tips, your phone might just have enough juice to follow us on Twitter. Send your tech questions to @TCHSTalon and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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By Jonathan Samudio

Jonathan is the Editor-in-Chief for the Talon. He once slide tackled an 8th grader in a pick up soccer game as a senior.