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Or click here to go to the Radio Station page on Radionomy.

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What’s TCFM?

N 210 TCFM is a student-run radio station from Timber Creek High School in Keller ISD.

What do you mean “student-run?”

We have students picking music, scheduling blocks of tunes, creating promos and jingles, writing music, producing podcasts and radio programs. It’s a giant student project for our Radio Broadcasting classes.

How can I listen to TCFM?

We have a player embedded above, if you’d like to listen that way.

You can also go to our page on Radionomy here:

Or use your favorite media player to listen here:

There’s even apps for phones or devices here:

What kind of music do you play?

A little bit of everything. Rock, Pop, Indie, Chill music, electronic, country, classic rock, classical, chorale, symphonic, PVC covers…

Wait, when do you play all this stuff?

The station runs 24/7. Our current schedule is being worked on for a new January 17, 2017 re-launch :)

How can you do all that?

Our station is hosted with Radionomy, a service that allows us to upload popular music tracks + TCHS compositions and stream them to anyone around the world. It serves as a scheduling service and pays the license fees for broadcasting these songs. However, there are some stipulations on how many times we can play certain artists, tracks, or content. All the rules are found here.

TCHS Compositions? Huh?

Oh yeah! We play music created by Timber Creek students and organizations. TCHS Band, Choir, and students who’ve submitted their work are featured at certain times throughout our broadcast day. You can submit your own music (created by you!) via our form: Submit Your Tracks to TCFM

I want to be part of this! How can I be a DJ, do voice work, or help work on TCFM?

Put Radio Broadcasting on your schedule next year, or come to a Timber Creek Student Media meeting for more details.