TC Student Places Third in National Essay Competition

Timber Creek junior, Tabitha Tomlinson, finished third place in a national essay contest with over 2000 entries, sponsored by the Future of Technology Summit in Washington D.C.

2000 high school students submitted essays from around the nation. The winner chosen from each category, elementary, middle, and high school, was flown to Washington D.C. for the Future of Technology Summit conference day. Tomlinson came in third place, receiving a certificate for the high placement.

The prompt was to write about was how technology touches the writer’s life and how the future of technology will change the way people connect with others.

“I had to do a little but of research in the beginning about current technology to know about future technology,” Tomlinson said regarding the preparation for her essay.

She then continued to explain how technology had been something that she was interested in, making the topic more fun to write about.

Tomlinson is a writer for the Timber Creek Talon and is the editor of the Literary Magazine, yet often her time is spent writing creative pieces.

“I write quite often and I definitely think that it gave me a head start,” explained Tomlinson. “However, I do often write creative pieces than essays, but I think the interesting prompt helped me enjoy writing it.”

Planning to be an English major, Tomlinson felt humbled and was not expecting such a high placement.

“It was shocking and incredible,” described Tomlinson. “I never expected to do so well in a writing competition. It was just amazing.”

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