The Music Man’s Cast Prepare for Premiere on Nov. 16

Timber Creek’s next big play, The Music Man, is far from being complete, but the cast list is out with actors and actresses ready to rock their part, even if it’s almost a month before they get the chance to do so.

However, there was a lot of thought as to who would be casted to which role.

“I could see all of our students playing a part in this play,” Theater Director Amanda Brundrett said. “There were even some students that could’ve played multiple roles.”

With this in mind, it gave the directors an extra challenge when deciding parts since some students would be perfect for more than one role. But although the cast is a vital part of the play, the people who work behind the scenes are taking a step into the spotlight.

Logan Williams is one of the head of lights, which means that he shows his crew how to work the lights and exact times to place and activate them.

“I work more efficiently behind the scenes,” said Williams. “I’m not really comfortable with being in front of the spotlight.”

Lance Morse is another part of the work behind the scenes, working with the stage crew to not only give the audience the setting, but to create a whole world on stage. For each set that they do, whether it be a scene, different act, or entirely different show, they must make the audience believe that they are immersed in that world with the characters. The crew is still working on building the set, trying to make it have a sort of 19 teens’ feel to the show, and they have to find a stage coach for part of the set.

There is also an extra helpful advantage to stage crew: Morse’s very room. His room’s massive space gives students access to a small costume lab.

“I saw this space and it was just storage and clutter,” said Morse. “It was much bigger than I anticipated after I cleared it out.”

The students have been preparing for this play since the cast list was originally posted on Sept. 6. They’ve been rehearsing almost every afternoon and have choreography practices on Saturdays. Sarah Scherger, the student choreography director, has been getting everything ready for the upcoming show.

“It’s been a lot to handle, and I’m making sure everything is in place,” said Scherger. [However], it’s been amazing.”

Scherger is a senior, and this is her first year to teach choreography–she’s not only teaching a class that’s younger than her, but she’s also teaching her friends.

The play officially opens Thursday, Nov. 16 at 7 p.m., and closes on Saturday, Nov. 18 with two showings at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. Students are not the only ones welcome to attend. Teachers are encouraged to see the show as well to watch the kids that they teach doing what they love.

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  1. Please put a link and/or information at the top of the page on how to order play tickets. I do not attend the school but would like to see the play.

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