The Daily Grind is Brewing

Timber Creek High School is now home to the first ever coffee shop to be introduced in Keller ISD. The Daily Grind, as students voted to name it, is scheduled to have at least a soft opening on the first day of school, with full operation possibly having to be at a later date. While it is very near finished on the construction side, there are still a few more tasks to check off the decoration and details list.

“This is a project that has been in the conversation for at least three years,” said Keller ISD Food Service Manager and Chef Leonor Wilford, who worked closely with the construction crews and generated most of the design ideas. “I had a green light from Mr. Bartlett the first month he arrived at TCHS.”

The Daily Grind’s menu is going to feature hot and cold coffees, frappuccino type drinks, and shaken teas. Also to be sold are danishes, muffins, sandwiches, to go salads, and other snacks. Drinks from the coffee shop will be offered with almond milk for those who prefer lactose-free beverages. Although many items will be a la carte, reimbursable meals will also be offered. This allows students on the free/reduced lunch program to have options available at the coffee shop as well.

Goldsmith Construction Company and Combest Carpentry have been working on the construction of the coffee shop, which actually started pretty late in the summer due to loads of details having to be determined prior to the actual construction. The Daily Grind is decked out with a rustic wooden bar and shiny display case, accompanied by a set of sliding doors opening into the hallway, allowing for easy access to coffee even when the library is closed for occasions such as testing. This design and the artwork from TCHS soon to be added all work together to create the warm feeling of a vintage style cafe.

“We really want this coffee shop to be a space that [students] could come in and relax. We want this place to be a cool spot for the [Timber Creek] students to enjoy,” Wilford stated.

Prices for food and drinks have yet to be determined, but some discounts have already been planned. One of the discounts is a part of the attendance incentive program, through which students who maintain good attendance will have the opportunity to receive a free item from the cafe. Additionally, the creators of the coffee shop have contacted teachers in the Art and Marketing departments in hopes of developing a reusable cup they could sell for their departments that could be used for discounted drinks. This idea is still in the works and will not be ready at the beginning of the school year, but should hopefully come to fruition soon.

The hours are set to be the same as the library’s but are subject to change. The only difference in the hours of operation right now is that The Daily Grind will be closed during passing periods, as requested by our school’s administration team.

The Daily Grind will also have its very own custom logo. Kathy Beers, TCHS yearbook instructor and photojournalism teacher, is developing the new design.

“It’s getting some revamping, so the logo isn’t quite done yet,” said Beers.

Being the first Keller high school to have a coffee shop, ideas and suggestions from students and teachers alike are welcome and encouraged. Be sure to stop by The Daily Grind when school starts Aug.15, and purchase a gourmet cup of coffee to accompany you as you enjoy a book from the library right next door or to spice up your lunch with these new refreshments available specifically to Timber Creek.

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I'm a Junior reporter for the Timber Creek Talon! Writing is my passion, tv shows, books, music, and coffee are my life. I'm a bit socially awkward but still super awesome!

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