Seals Of Approval: New Symbols Installed in Main Hall

As students return to Timber Creek for the new school year, many might notice the installment of the new seal Timber Creek has adopted.

The symbol has been installed at the north and south ends of main hall. This seal will be used as a commemorative way to represent school spirit and to represent Timber Creek.

The seal was originally designed by yearbook teacher Kathy Beers with design tips from teachers from all over the school.

“With the help of Kathy Beers, we had created four to five different designs. We then sent that out to the staff and asked for input”, explains Assistant Principal James Johnson. “I then asked teachers what they would like the seal to say, we narrowed it down to three and the teachers of course chose ‘Forever Timber Creek’ which is a part of our Alma Mater.”

Before the seal could be used the image had to be changed into a vector file. This prevents the image front becoming pixelated as it is enlarged. Timber Creek student Tim Carrier had helped in changing the image into this file.

“I think they’re a nice touch because they brighten and appreciate how the school finds more creative ways to show our school spirit”, describes Timber Creek junior Melissa Hernandez. “It’s a simple but noticeable, addition that unifies the school’s spirit even more.”

Paige Greene

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Paige is a senior, plays marimba in the drumline and is broadcast managing editor of TCTV. She is almost always thinking about Whataburger.

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