Food Fight: Serving On Wheels

In March of 2016, Timber Creek students finally came face to face with the Keller ISD food truck “Street Eatz”. Yet to some students, this food truck may have been a let down. The food truck was planned to serve street tacos, fajitas, pasta and more, but this failed to happen. The truck now serves food that closely resembles the items which are sold inside the cafeteria, noticed by many students.

“Originally with the food truck, the idea was to put a food truck out there like what we know a food trucks are like. Then we have regulations that kicked in,” explained Leonor Wilford, Food Service manager for Keller ISD. “With all of us in our office, we all have restaurant backgrounds so that was definitely our drive towards the food truck, and again with regulations we had to start pulling back bit. Now with that said we still want to meet you guys’ expectations and you guys are our customers, so we are always open to you’re guys’ feedback.”

Wilford’s job is oversee all the kitchens in Keller ISD and make sure everything runs smoothly through the school days. She often can be found at the cafeterias across the district or traveling with the food truck. While she travels she often can be found observing the operation and reaction of the students. Wilford is planning on conducting more surveys and focus groups to improve the food truck and to cater to the students wants and needs.

Students are able to voice their opinion on projects like the food truck by contacting Wilford at

“At the end of the day, our pallets, the way we look at food and the way students look at food are very different,” explained Wilford. “From elementary to high school, from one side of the district to the other side of the district, pallets change completely. So we are always open to you guys’ feedback.”

Street Eatz travels to Timber Creek every Thursday and can be found outside the cafeteria.

Paige Greene

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Paige is a senior, plays marimba in the drumline and is broadcast managing editor of TCTV. She is almost always thinking about Whataburger.

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