Changes are Brewing in Timber Creek’s Library

A coffee bar is going to be added to the library at the start of next school year, where a multitude of different coffee recipes and small snacks will be available for students to purchase whenever their need for coffee grows too powerful to suppress.

The coffee bar will be located in what is currently the library work room and will be double sided so that coffee is still available even when the library is closed for occasions such as testing. However, the exact hours of the cafe are still in negotiation.

“They didn’t want to have it open during passing periods because they didn’t want people late to class because they’re getting coffee. But they want it open a lot of the day,” said librarian Mrs. Abbott, stressing the fact that it should be open as much of the day as possible.

The prices and specific recipes are still being discussed as well, but all shall be decided when school returns in August and the kitchen staff begins selling and maintaining the coffee. Mrs. Abbott also informed us that there will be seating set up around the coffee bar, adding to the café feeling of the place.

The main thing left to determine is what the coffee bar will be titled. Mrs. Abbott and Mrs. Beers, the yearbook coordinator, have come up with a list of possible names and are asking students to vote for their favorite. Update: The voting closed.

Tabitha Tomlinson

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I'm a Junior reporter for the Timber Creek Talon! Writing is my passion, tv shows, books, music, and coffee are my life. I'm a bit socially awkward but still super awesome!

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  1. You guys should really (please) have non-dairy/vegan options for the coffees (please). Almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, rice milk, hemp milk, etc. (Almond/Soy best choice), for students with dietary restrcitions (lactose intolerant, milk allergies, vegan, etc.). (Please).

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