Updated Attendance Policy Announced


Along with the whole new block schedule is a change in the attendance policy.

According to this updated policy, students can’t have more than nine absences in 1st or 5th period and more than five absences in 2nd-4th period. Students who exceed this attendance law may have to face further consequences such as credit denial.
There are two types of absences:
  1. Recognized (excused absences): These include documented medical appointments/court appearances, school-related activities, nationally recognized religious holidays, and documented college visits that are limited to two days per school year for juniors and seniors only.
  1. Non-recognized: These are absences that are caused by any other reasons that aren’t listed above.

When a student is absent, parents should call or email the attendance office:
Student last name beginning with A-L:

Student last name beginning with M-Z:

Documented recognized absences must be turned in to the attendance office or faxed to 817-744-2337 within five business days.

For early dismissals, parents are suggested to call in advance. Dismissals after 3:15, however, must definitely be arranged in advance.

Because the school is not an open campus for lunch, students cannot be dismissed during their lunch period unless a parent is present. Those who leave the campus without approval and/or a pass from the attendance office will be given a non-recognized absence and may be subjected to disciplinary action.

Other Information:

  • Attendance details are available on Home Access Center.
  • You may have to leave the office a message if ever their phone is busy. Please mention the student’s name, reason for calling, dismissal time (if needed), and a callback name or number.
  • The school calendar contains state-testing dates. Plan appointments accordingly for there will be no dismissals on these dates.
  • Verification of Enrollment (VOE) forms can be requested in the attendance office and require 24 hours to prepare.
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